Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


As part of a Medium publication I am an editor of, I wrote a sci-fi reboot of the classic fairy tale, The Frog Prince. It was released today and titled Enthralled. If you missed my previous remix of Hansel and Gretel, it is called Therapy. Hope you enjoy! If you'd like to read other reboots of the Frog Prince, there is a directory that lists them all. If you generally enjoy reimagined fairy tales, our publication, The Grimm Reaper, might be for you.

Monday, May 2, 2016

April Wrap Up - Travel, Reboot, and a Paperback


During the month of April, my wife and myself bid farewell to Las Vegas, NV and spent a couple weeks traveling to our new home in Bozeman, MT. We experienced a lot of rain, followed by a bunch of snow. Our main goal was rock climbing, but the weather made that difficult. Thankfully, we still got to see family and friends along the way.

I didn't get much writing done while we were traveling, but I did manage to publish some flash fiction on Medium called Therapy. It is a sci-fi reboot of the classic Hansel and Gretel, by the Brothers Grimm. A fellow author (Lizella Prescott) and I decided to start a Medium publication dedicated to remakes of classic fairy tales. The result is The Grimm Reaper.

Currently, I am waiting to on a paperback proof copy of Breakers of the Dawn to arrive from the printers. Getting the novel formatted for print was quite an effort, but it will be worth it. I also made some cover tweaks that ended up looking really good. The paperback will be available on Amazon within the next month or so. Stay tuned!

Friday, April 1, 2016

March Wrap Up - Second Draft, Reviews, and a Photo Essay

April is here already?!

I managed to get the second draft of HotD (Book 2 of the Dawn Saga) completed, and it is now off to my editor (which also happens to be my lovely wife, Sarah) for inspection. I'm interested to see what she thinks. I enjoyed how it turned out, and the first editing pass went well. There are still several editing runs to go, but I am psyched to have finished the first one so quickly (while still maintaining high quality).

Over the course of March, I wrote two book reviews. One was for A Dirty Job (Christopher Moore), and the other for Death Chase (Lizella Prescott). Overall, I enjoyed both books but felt Death Chase was a more interesting read.

I didn't publish any short stories this month, although I am working on a few. On Medium, I published two photo-essays: The Abandoned Clothing of Las Vegas and When Life Gives You Lemons...

Looking towards April, I have a couple flash fictions I'll be releasing. With HotD out of my hands for the time being, I will be shifting focus over to editing the yet-to-be-titled van life how-to book. Sarah and I will be moving from Las Vegas, NV to Bozeman, MT in a couple days as well. We are looking forward to the change of pace and escaping the oncoming desert heat. The life of a traveling author is never still.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Friday, March 18, 2016

Book Review - "Death Chase" by Lizella Prescott

(4 out of 5 Stars)

“Death Chase” has a simple premise, but once I began reading, it pulled me deep into a thrilling mess of interpersonal turmoil set against a backdrop of fear. It was an enjoyable read, with awesome pacing that made it hard to put down. Prescott does a great job of presenting detailed imagery and descriptions without bogging down the plot. The story creeped me out on several occasions and the ebb and flow of fear and revelation was spot on.

I do have two criticisms of the book, one that may be particular to me and the other a technical realism issue. I found the male characters slightly flat and one dimensional. Perhaps Prescott did such a good job of fleshing out the female leads that the men just look dim by comparison? Their personalities didn't come through for me, but the men still functioned within the scope of the book. A technical issue relating to how cell phones work brought me out of the story momentarily, but honestly, it's a small thing and doesn't affect the plot. I also spotted a few editing errors, but they were minor as well.

The lead characters in this story are dramatic and believable and the well crafted plot engenders lots of suspense. If the book's blurb intrigues you, I would highly recommend reading it. Death Chase delivers the suspense, fear, and chills it promises.

Author website:

Monday, March 7, 2016

Book Review - "A Dirty Job" by Christopher Moore

(3 out of 5 Stars)

A Dirty Job is a fun, irreverent, and weird novel. Moore wrote some crazy, potentially offensive stuff in this book. The story line is off-beat and engaging, if a bit predictable at times. My only real criticism is I feel that Sophie (Charlie’s daughter), was generic, especially given her role. She doesn’t develop much over the course of the book (other than aging) and has little impact on plot development. Sophie almost feels like an after thought. The rest of the cast was compelling and ridiculous (in a good way). I laughed out loud during several scenes. Overall, the novel was enjoyable. This was my first Christopher Moore book, and I felt a real Stephen King/Dean Koontz vibe.

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